The location for setting our Plant was chosen in the heart of a vast dairy farming area beacuse of it's high potential for the milk production.

The transportation system, the balance of raw materials and strong cheese making traditions in the Pasłęk's area referring to the Dutch art of cheesemaking, were also of significance.

All of the above mentioned contributed to the supra-local nature of the Plant. The primary task to purchase a surplus of raw material and process it into dairy products being consumed every day.

We are equipped with modern tools enabling us to face the changes and challenges in dairy production. Our plant fits perfectly well intorapidly developing market of specialised dairy products. We are able to fulfil even the most complex orders for personalised products: for the infants, the sick or the elderly, who need a specific diet. Years of experience of working with new technologies and innovative dairy products show that our plant keeps up to date with the development of knowledge in the field of food processing, microbiology and technology and is open to implement novelties into its activities.

History Timeline


The first cheese production

Our cheese plant starts making Dutch-type cheeses (Edam, Gouda, Morski) destined for the domestic market


Sery ICC Pasłęk was established

During this period new investments are launched: a new packaging line, a round cheese production line, processed cheese production line and new technologies.


Joining the SAVENCIA group

In July 2002, the French group Savencia - an international dairy company - buys a majority stake in our company.


New investments

In 2015, two important investments were put into operation - the second drying tower and the modern whey demineralization installation.