The location in Pasłęk was chosen due to the potential of milk production in the area, and the plant located in this way was in the center of the milk basin.

The communication system, the balance of raw materials and strong cheese-making traditions in the Pasłęka region, referring to the Dutch art of cheese brewing, were also important.

All this contributed to the supra-local nature of the plant. The primary task was to buy surplus raw material and convert it into dairy products consumed every day.

We currently have modern tools, thanks to which we can boldly face the changes surrounded by dairy production. The plant fits perfectly into the increasingly rapidly developing market of specialized products. We are ready to carry out the most demanding orders for personalized products - for children, for the sick or the elderly, requiring a specialized diet. Years of experience with new technologies and innovative dairy products show that the plant keeps pace with the development of knowledge in the field of food processing, microbiology and technology and is open to implementing new products in its area.

History in time


The first cheese production

Dutch gouda, Edam and sea cheeses were produced at the cheese factory for the domestic market.


The company Sery ICC Pasłęk was established

During this period, new investments appeared: a new packaging line, a cheese coiled production line, a processed cheese production line and new technologies.


Joining the SAVENCIA group

In July 2002, the French group Savencia - an international dairy concern - bought a majority stake in the company.


New investments

In 2015, two important investments in recent years were put into operation - the second drying tower and the modern whey demineralization installation.